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Robert Mapplethorpe - Waves, 1980

National Ballet of Canada’s dancers backstage for Nutcracker. Photographed by Bruce Zinger.
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Hannes Kilian, photo of Swan lake, choreography John Cranko, Stuttgart Ballet, 1972. Cibachrome. Via Galerie Schlichtenmaier, Germany.
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St George’s, Prague: set against the bitter nostalgia of the suburbs, separated from the city by acres of grounds and abandoned estates. This time of year, the university smells of orange peels and rotten pocket flasks, of clinging summer skins and nerves like rust. This time of year, it’s all gold paper leaves, cigarettes and stiff tweed elbows. Evenings crawl in on their hands and knees, smelling like harvest, smelling like something ripe and wicked. Joints flit from mouth to mouth and the laughter is weightless, punctuated with the lofty voices of St George’s most beloved elite, sighing a chorus of Darling and Dearest and Dollface - a pause, a grin - You ready to fuck shit up?